About Us

VetroGlass in a Mexican-born company dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of high quality, top- of-line designer glass fittings.

The company has effectively positioned itself in the cities of Atlanta, GA and Miami, FL with distribution centers fully stocked with an extensive line of products, in addition to an impressive infrastructure and organized logistics. This, in-turn, allows us to provide efficient and precise service to all major cities in the US, Mexico, and Latin America.

VetroGlass was independently branched off from its sister company, Productos Jako, located in the heart of Cancun, Mexico. It now proudly stands as a strong specialized division backed by its own in house, factory, LNS Manufacturing, which provides the company a powerful and sturdy backbone. This empowers VetroGlass to rapidly respond to any and all client needs and/or demands, to include customized ideas, products, and designs.

We are consistently at work enhancing our catalog of products allows ensuring that our customers have first-hand access to only the most innovative and cutting-edge hardware and fitting, positioning ourselves at the forefront with versatile and functional designs.

Our VetroGlass family is committed to bringing you only the best in style, design, and innovation placing itself amongst the avant-garde.

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